Taichung nightclub to be world’s first with in-built convenience store

Not a single day passes in Taiwan without the local media picking up some wacky story and spreading it across the nation’s tabloid newspapers (I’m looking at you, Crabapple Daily), television stations and social media. Today, however, a story has emerged that is just so ludicrous, and just so ridiculous, that it’s actually kinda genius.

Just kidding – it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I’m tipping it’s merely a clever publicity stunt, but I feel it’s my duty, as administrator of Taiwan’s most loved (or hated, depending on who you ask) English-language web bloggy to cover it. So let me cut to the chase: apparently there’s a businessman in Taichung who wants to open a nightclub (nothing too exciting yet, but trust me, it gets much better). Now this nightclub is going to be big – it’s planned to be the biggest in Taiwan (take that, Taipei!), and have no less than 3 dance floors. Again, that’s nothing too amazing (although Taichungites who fancy a drink and a dance might be getting excited). No, the reason why this club is catching so much media attention is: the owner wants to open a convenience store inside.

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