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Restaurant Review: Tasty / 西堤牛排

English Name: Tasty – Nanjing E. Branch
Chinese Name: 西堤牛排 – 南京東路

English Address: 2F., No.11, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei
Chinese Address: 台北市中山區南京東路2段11號2樓

Phone: (02) 2560-1296

Last Visited: Jan 4, 2015


Tasty, a member of the Wow Prime restaurant group, is the first restaurant to ever grace the reviews published on Bubbletea101, way back in June 2014. Since then we’ve reviewed many other restaurants, but few can compare to Tasty’s excellent value for money and delicious food. As they have introduced a few new menu items since our last visit, we decided to return and see how the new dishes stack up!

On our visit we were able to try 14 of these quite decent offerings, here are our thoughts below:

Romaine & Shrimp appetizer: While the dish is small, you need not worry as there will be plenty more to come. It is a delicate opening to the feast!

Squid and Snap Bean with Curried Yoghurt Sauce: The Yoghurt Sauce is the hero of this one, and adds a delicious flavour to the squid.

Gratined Mushrooms + Baked Toasts: From the description you might not know what you’ll get – basically it’s a creamy sauce with mushrooms with cheese grilled on the top, served with toast.

Danish Pastry Baked with Beef: I never came across such a dish in my travels in Denmark but that doesn’t matter, it is a delicious minced beef and tomato sauce pastry topped with cheese.

Potato Salad with Sausage: A delicate potato salad which is boosted with the addition of sausage and bacon.

Romaine & Lettuce Salad: This is my go-to salad as it is one of the most healthy items on the menu, although perhaps less so when I drown it with the provided Cesar dressing!

Beef Ball Soup: Not the best soup on the menu (that would have to be the Pumpkin option), but definitely a good choice on a cold winter’s evening.

Vegetable Chowder with Bacon: One of the new menu options which is a delicious creamy soup. I would prefer seafood chowder but this is a good alternative.

Roasted Steak: The classic Tasty steak option. Cooked to perfection. What can I say, they know how to cook a steak!

Pan-Fried Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce: Another new menu option and an excellent one. This dish features duck served two ways and was just perfect! The red wine sauce is a good match.

Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta Roll: A great dessert, two simple but well presented options.

Mango Panna Cotta: A nice way to end the feast, if you have any room left by now!

Blueberry Rose Tea: A sweet but not overpowering drink.

Caramel Milk Tea: While I would’ve preferred an iced version of this drink, it was still very nice.

Tasty is one of those places where I could return every few months forever and not get sick of it. With that in mind, there will no doubt be another review here by March! The price remains unbeatable value at just NT$518 (plus 10% service charge). If you haven’t been then I recommend you go immediately! One final point, like all other Wow Prime restaurants I’ve been to, the service is amazing and very professional.

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I award Tasty 10/10 Bubble Tea Points.



  1. V

    January 13, 2015 at 3:01 am

    TASTY is always tasty! But next time I will go with my favorite pumpkin soup:D

    • admin

      January 13, 2015 at 9:09 am

      Sure, the pumpkin soup is a classic 😀

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