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Restaurant Review: Salut Tea Salon/灑綠茶館

English Name: Salut Tea Salon
Chinese Name: 灑綠茶館

English Address: Alley 8, Lane 266, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Da’an, Taipei City
Chinese Address: 台北市大安區仁愛路四段266巷8弄2號

Phone:02 2325 6878

Last Visited: Mar 28, 2015

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Anyone who has spent more than 10 microseconds on this blog will know I am a fan of all things tea-related. Bubble tea? That’s awesome. Milk tea? Fantastic. So it was with great expectations that I accompanied several companions to Salut Tea Salon one afternoon in March to sample their menu and delicious teas. On the whole I was not disappointed by the offering, and from a tea perspective I rate Salut very highly. The food was less consistent, and a couple of elements on the dishes could have been better. For example, we tried a set meal which included a dessert, which turned out to be a couple of biscuits. While one of the biscuits was delightful, the other was dry and unpleasant to eat. A small complaint, as it didn’t detract greatly from the overall experience. Anyway, I wasn’t so concerned about the food, I was excited for the teas!

I decided to try the house specialty, which is the Butterscotch Milk Tea. Of course, I ordered the iced variety. It was served in a hilariously cute English-style teapot, which at first prompted me to be concerned it was not the iced variety, but my fears were short lived. If you order a hot variety of milk tea the teapot comes along with a cute tea cost, which can also double as an adorable little hat (I don’t recommend wearing it as a hat as you may be ejected from the restaurant).

On this occasion I ordered the Chicken & Spinach Roll Set Meal (NT$360, including your choice of tea, plus a soup – pumpkin – and a dessert – which were the biscuits I discussed earlier). The soup was perfectly fine, and the main course was quite good. I wasn’t quite sure what would be served, from the description on the menu it sounded like a pastry item containing chicken & spinach. Actually, the dish involved a nice piece of chicken stuffed with spinach, which was quite well executed. For the price I felt it was pretty good value, the venue itself is a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy a refreshing cup of milk tea.

I award Salut Tea Salon 8/10 Bubble Tea Points.

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