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Restaurant Review: Nagoya / 名古屋台所

English Name: Nagoya
Chinese Name: 名古屋台所

English Address: No. 50, Chifeng St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
Chinese Address: 台北市大同區赤峰街50號

Phone: (02) 2555-5078
Website: Nagoya’s Facebook Page

Last Visited: Feb 7, 2015

Egg on Hamburger Patty

Egg on Hamburger Patty

When it comes to finding great restaurants to dine at in Taipei, I must confess that I rely a lot on other food bloggers as an inspiration rather than trying to locate eateries myself. So when I read Jaysun Eats Taipei’s review of Nagoya, well, I knew exactly which place I’d be reviewing next!

We arrived at Nagoya at 4:55pm on a Saturday evening, 5 minutes before the restaurant was due to open. At this point there were already about 20 people standing in front of us in the line. The thing about Nagoya is that it is a small place, in the style of a traditional Japanese dining house. There are only 10 seats, so when the restaurant opened for business at 5:00pm the first 10 diners were ushered in, while the line outside (which at this point had swelled to well over 30 people) were eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of what the first lucky diners were enjoying.

Now I have to say, there are not many restaurants in the world I would tolerate waiting in line for (Nagoya does not except bookings, so queuing up is more or less essential, although I hear if you go during a week day it might be less crowded). That said, when our food arrived after we were seated (around 1 hour after we arrived), I realized that Nagoya is definitely worth the wait! The dishes we sampled were superb, I don’t even recall eating such tasty meals when I visited Japan! We’re going on a short holiday to Okinawa over the CNY break and I fear that the food at Nagoya might have set the bar too high for us to enjoy the cuisine over there! We sampled three dishes, all were excellent and also great value:

Egg on Fried Hamburger Patty (NT$180): This was the dish I say in Jaysun’s review that looked absolutely delicious and made me want to go to Nagoya. I am so glad that I went and tried it, it’s amazing! The sauce is just fantastic, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Jaysun’s review calls it a “sour Nagoya-style miso sauce”. I had no idea what it was or how it is made but it just worked really well with the meat. The egg on top was cooked to perfection, and the yolk added extra flavour to the dish. Make sure you order a bowl of rice to go along with this so you can soak up all the delicious sauce!

Pork Rice with Mayonnaise (NT$180): As much as I loved the above dish, I found this dish was even better! It’s an awesome blend of pork, cabbage, daikon, and rice topped with more of the delicious sauce plus mayonnaise. The words I’ve written here don’t do it justice, it was a taste sensation! As soon as I finished the dish I was sad because I just wanted to keep eating it forever! One of the best dishes I’ve eaten in Taipei, I will be back for this one again!

Fried Chicken Wings (6, NT$140): The humble chicken wing is transformed into a complex and delicious feast at Nagoya. The sauce coating these wings is different to the other distinctive sauces with the dishes above, but it’s a perfect match for the chicken, which is grilled to perfection. The perfect side dish to accompany your meal.

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I award Nagoya 10/10 Bubble Tea Points.

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