Restaurant Review: Machikaka

Restaurant Name: Machikaka

English Address: No. 4, Lane 216, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan, Taipei
Chinese Address: 台北市中山區南京東路三段216巷4號1樓

Phone: 02 2777 2777 (quite a memorable number!)
Website: Machikaka’s Facebook page

Last Visited: Mar 13, 2015


At first glance, Machikaka looked like the kind of place I would avoid if I was after a decent lunch. While the photos of the desserts looked great, the savoury options at these types of places is often lacking. Well, that was definitely not the case in my view. Machikaka’s savoury options were cooked perfectly and were as delicious as their desserts looked (I didn’t try any of the desserts this time around, but they looked sensational! What I did have on this occasion was:

Japanese-style Hamburger (NT$270): This is the same kind of dish as the one I had at Nagoya on a previous review. While the Nagoya version was tastier, Machikaka’s dish is not bad by any stretch of the imagination and comes with a lot more tasty sides plus some melted cheese on top instead of an egg. There’s actually rice and pasta in this set, so along with the sweet potato you are going to get full pretty quickly! The meal comes with some tofu which is nicely flavoured, a cup of green tea and a mini dessert panna cotta to give you a small sample of their full-sized desserts. Overall a great dish and pretty good value for the price.

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Opinionated Homebody    (I’m not calling them mean names – that’s the actual name of their blog :D)

I award Machikaka 9/10 Bubble Tea Points.

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