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Restaurant Review: KGB – Kiwi Gourmet Burgers

English Name: KGB – Kiwi Gourmet Burgers
Chinese Name: 紐西蘭風味漢堡

English Address: No. 5, Ln. 114, Shida Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106
Chinese Address: 台北市大安區師大路114巷5號

Phone: (02) 2363-6015

Last Visited: Feb 15, 2015

Kiwi Mate - NT$260 for the large size, with beef.

Kiwi Mate – NT$260 for the large size, with beef.

Don’t worry friends, I wasn’t abducted by the Russians and sent to work in a gulag. The KGB I am reviewing here is not the feared Russian intelligence agency, the Комите́т госуда́рственной безопа́сности. Nope, this is Taipei’s KGB, which serves up Kiwi Gourmet Burgers. The NZ-themed restaurant offers plenty of Kiwi favourites with heaps of lamb burgers on the menu, but there’s also a load of other unique and hard to find ingredients to try as well. On my first visit with my friend we only sampled a couple of KGB’s offerings but we will definitely be back again soon to eat more! In particular the CC Heaven sounds pretty amazing (a burger with camembert cheese & cranberry sauce!). On this occasion we tried:

Kiwi Mate (NT$260 for the large size, with beef): This was a seriously tasty burger. It may be billed as a Kiwi inspired dish but it’s pretty much the same as the classic Australian burger – fried egg, beetroot and pineapple. If you’re not from NZ or Australia you’re probably not so keen on that combination but trust me, it’s bloody awesome! I would gladly order this every time I dine there but there’s so many other options that sound good I’ll have to try those too!

Lamb Feta (NT$230, one size only): Lamb and feta is truly a match made in culinary heaven. This burger also features tzatziki sauce. KGB must be one of the few places in Taiwan where you can find a decent lamb burger. Just be careful if you order this and make a sheep joke about New Zealanders – if you’re sitting near the kitchen the chef might not be so happy!

I’ll return to KGB soon and update the review with the other burgers we try. In the meantime I strongly recommend you go visit if you haven’t been there yet, it’s well worth a try!

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I award KGB 9/10 Bubble Tea Points.

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