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Restaurant Review: Home Steak / 紅屋牛排館

English Name: Home Steak – Dongqu branch
Chinese Name: 紅屋牛排館 – 東區

English Address: No. 9, Lane 223, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei
Chinese Address: 台北市 忠孝東路四段223巷9號

Phone: (02) 2751 7675

Last Visited: Feb 28, 2015

Home Steak

Home Steak

Home Steak is an unusual kettle of fish, that is for sure. On the one hand, the food was incredibly good and pretty hard to fault. On the other, the presentation of it, in particular the steaks, was not ideal. Home Steak insists on serving its main courses – generally steaks but with a few other meats/seafoods thrown in – on those cast iron skillets that are annoyingly common in Taiwan’s Western-style restaurants. Perhaps its some old tradition that has been around forever and is now associated with Western food. I’ve never ordered a steak in a country outside Taiwan and received it on a sizzling hot iron plate, and I’m grateful for that. While the taste of the meat isn’t affected too much, it does end up coating your entire body in a thick mist of meat-smelling fog that will only be resolved by a hasty trip to the dry cleaners.

Anyway, with that gripe aside let me return to focus on the food, which Home Steak does very, very well. We went for lunch and were thus able to take advantage of the lunch specials, which are much better value than the dinner set meals. Even so, the average price for a lunch set will set you back around NT$800, so it’s not a good place to go for a cheap eat. This restaurant would be ideal for a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, winning the receipt lottery, etc. I wouldn’t recommend it for a date because your clothes will smell like your dinner for the rest of the evening, not an entirely romantic option unless you and your partner like that kind of thing.

The restaurant is quite dated in appearance (as the Taipei Times review from 2004 notes, it had been around for at least a couple of decades then), and the waitstaff are dressed in their finest suits and bow ties. First up you are presented with an appetizer of crisp vegetable sticks matched perfectly with a thousand island dipping sauce – I can’t think of a better start to a meal. Up next is the bread basket which contains freshly baked bread and garlic bread, both of which are perfect. Be sure to save some bread for the soup – you have the option of corn or French onion soup here. I went with the French onion soup and it was one of the best soups I’ve had in my life. This is followed by an adequately sized salad that offers a nice variety of vegetables.

Now on to the main course. Being a steak place, we didn’t want to offend the chef so we ordered steaks:

US Prime Rib Eye (NT$800 – lunch time set meal): A well-executed classic, I recommend you get the mushroom sauce to go with this one. The steak was perfectly cooked and not even the presentation on the iron plate affected the taste.

Tournedos Rossini (NT$850 – lunch time set meal): This French dish is one of the most decadent you could imagine – filet mignon with a slice of foie gras on top and shavings of black truffle. Home Steak gets every element spot on, a mouth watering feast.

After several courses of rich food we were relieved the feast was drawing to a close, but not before a milk tea and slice of Boston Cream Pie were served. On paper it might not sound like much, but believe me, the lunch time set meal is more than enough to satisfy the biggest appetite. Dinner time prices are roughly twice those of the lunch sets so take a few credit cards with you to cover the bill. Oh, and the lighting in the restaurant is quite dim so none of my photos turned out well – I’ve borrowed these ones below from another blog so you can see things a bit more clearly 🙂

Other online reviews of Home Steak:
Taipei Times (2004, a little bit out of date!)

I award Home Steak 9/10 Bubble Tea Points.

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