English teacher in Tainan wins NT$10 million in July receipt lottery

If you’ve been living in Taiwan for a while and checking your receipts every couple of months, never winning more than NT$200, then don’t read the rest of this post – you will be sorely disappointed! However, if you want to hear about possibly the luckiest man in Taiwan, or even in the whole world, then read on (don’t say I didn’t warn you, some of the following themes and photos in this article are possibly NSFW)

According to reports by Chinese-language media that have surfaced this morning, a 23-year old English teacher who has only been living in Taiwan for 4 months, since arriving in April 2016, was named as one of 3 winners of the NT$10 million prize in the most recent draw of the Taiwan Receipt Lottery, which was held on July 25. I guess the teacher is worried that criminals might try and steal his new fortune, because he asked the media to not publish his name, or photographs of his face. However, one Taiwanese news website ignored the ban, and published plenty of interesting details about the winner.

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